5 reasons why I wake up at 5:30am everyday

5 reasons why I wake up at 5:30am everyday

Hi guys,

As a first blog post, I thought I should probably tell you a bit more about the different reasons why I wake up everyday at 5:30am. The same reasons that got me starting Morning Bondi 4 years ago.

#1 - Meeting with friends

That’s right, one of the main reasons why I wake up every morning that early is actually to catch-up with friends. I originally started Morning Bondi because I was training with two friends (Julius & Nick) for an obstacle course called Tough Mudder. Since then, the team has changed quite a bit with some newbies, some loyal ones and some intermittent but all in all the spirit is remaining the same - spending some quality time with mates before going to work.


#2 - Training for sustaining

The first reason leads quite nicely to the second one. We are not only meeting but we are training together. Back when I was living in Paris, six years ago, I was the typical French skinny man, no sport whatsoever, eating cheese & charcuterie, drinking wine and smoking almost a pack a day - I know pretty unhealthy right. When I landed in Australia in October 2009, I kind of promised myself to adapt to the country and its habits. Quite quickly you realise that Australia is a pretty healthy country where it’s not really cool to smoke and that you recognise French guys on the beach by their toothpick morphology. Anyway, I started training for Tough Mudder and never really gave up after it. We’ve got a weekly fitness program that includes some running, bar actions, boxing and surfing when the conditions are right.

#3 - Watching the sunrise

Starting your day by witnessing the sunrise everyday is pretty special. Bondi sunrises are just magical, as you will see in the Sunrises gallery they are always really different from one another. The most epic ones with crazy colours in the sky usually happen around Autumn. Don’t ask me why, I’ve got no idea but they are definitely worth it. I guess the incredible sunrises down there are probably the reason number one I started documenting my mornings down the beach. I was so impressed that I started to take photos with my phone and posted them on my personal Facebook in a photo-album called Morning Bondi. It’s only after noticing all the love that I was receiving from my friends that I thought about creating the Morning Bondi Facebook Page, so I could share them with other people.

#4 - Dipping in the ocean

I often compare the ocean with my morning bath which realistically is not that far. Everyday all year long, I’m actually finishing my morning routine with a quick dip in the ocean. I know it can sometimes sounds a bit crazy, especially in the middle of winter, but believe me this is by far the best way to wake-up. Born and bred in Paris, I never had the chance to have the sea in my backyard so I guess I’m just making the most out of it now.    

#5 - Taking photos

Finally the last reason but not the least, it’s actually to take photos and share them on Morning Bondi Facebook page. I never really intended to become a photographer and I often say that I’m not one but by I guess by taking photos everyday, it makes me one. What I like the most since I became “Morning Bondi” is that I’ve had the chance to meet so many great people - from the early birds that are down the beach everyday, the OneWave crew that I see most Fridays to all the people from all around the world following Morning Bondi. 

These are the key reasons that makes waking up at 5:30am everyday a bit more easy. It might sound a bit dull but since I’ve started this routine, I’ve never been happier in my life. It is by far the best way to kick-off your day, it gives me the energy and confidence that I need for the rest of the day. BOOM!